WeKliq aims to be the go-to platform if you want to know the best food spots, nightlife scenes, unforgettable events, and more in some of the top cities around the world, that is tailored to your lifestyle!
United Kingdom

United Kingdon



Website: wekliq.co


WeKliq, having been popular and being known for showcasing the best entertainment businesses in Washington, DC, decided that they wanted to expand their services to cover New York as well as London. They asked KEMOSO to help flesh out a brand new website covering these three cities and also incorporate a business directory.


Easily one of the largest websites that KEMOSO has ever had to build, we created a new look&feel for Wekliq that covered London, New York and Washington DC.

We also built a huge directory of businesses (>1300). Each business listing can be ‘claimed’ and managed by the relevant business. The directory has a filter allowing website visitors to find their ideal spot to relax and have fun. We have enabled reviews for each business listing, as well as a way for the WeKliq team to manage each of the listings easily in the website’s back-end.

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