Tribute video: Nichume Siwundla (1992-2019)

House vocalist Nichume Siwundla, who was well known for her 2017 breakout hit Bhutiza with Mobi Dixon, passed away tragically in June 2019. Her life was celebrated in a memorial service soon thereafter.



In the 2nd week of June 2019, the South African music industry was rocked by the news of the death of one its rising stars, Nichume Siwundla.

The late 27-year-old singer’s record label, Top Chap Media, invited the public to join them in celebrating the life of Nichume Siwundla. KEMOSO’s aim was to create a fitting tribute video for Nichume.


KEMOSO created two tribute videos, each created using photos and video clips featuring Nichume before her passing.

The first video features the track ‘Bhutiza‘ in the background.

The audio track in the second video is ‘Camagu‘, in which Nichume was featured alongside Mobi Dixon.

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