Rebosis Property Fund

Rebosis Property Fund Ltd was established by the Billion Group in 2010 and on 17 May 2011 became the first black-managed and substantially black-held property fund to be listed on the JSE.


Rebosis’ corporate website was due for an upgrade. The revamped site needed to have an updated design and refined functionality that would appeal to all stakeholders including investors and partners.


KEMOSO helped design and develop a slick, mobile-friendly website that had the following features:

  • Better visual reference to existing properties and a focus on the retail malls on the home page
  • Integrated scrolling share price ticker
  • Improved ‘Investor Relations’ section
  • Redesigned ‘property’ section with summary page (with user-friendly filter functionality) and individual detail pages that are linked to each other (making navigation easier for the users)
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