Mac Consulting Group

MAC Consulting is an Organisational Effectiveness consultancy, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, focused on Operational Excellence, Human Capital Excellence, Strategy Execution and Business Transformation.


MacGroup was undergoing a brand refresh. In addition to having their logo and overall corporate identity redone, they also needed their website to be revamped. The website needed to:

  • Introduce the MacGroup ethos and values
  • Provide an overview of services
  • Give a background of the company
  • Indicate how the company has provided value before, through the utilization of previous client results
  • Offer a platform where MacGroup could share articles


KEMOSO helped create a slick, mobile-friendly website for MacGroup. We also did on-page SEO across the website. We also added redirects so that old links (from the old website) would still work. There was a large focus on implementing the elements of the new CI (corporate identity), as well as including images of happy & optimistic people (in accordance with the CI).

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