Infinity Restaurant

Infinity Restaurant is a high-rise restaurant fit in Cape Town, complete with panoramic views and an interior playfully themed, afro-chic, according to the tropical wallpaper with exotic birds, mixed textures, animal print dining chairs, chic and shimmering chandeliers as well as splashes of cream, lilac and emerald green.


Infinity Restaurant’s agency, Hotwire Marketing, worked together with KEMOSO to create an elegant, yet impactful website.


A great-looking website was designed and the team at KEMOSO had great fun bringing the mobile-friendly website alive. When you land on the site you are immediately greeted with a mouthwatering dish, and just below that we have links to the menus. Further below the introductory paragraph, there is a slider showcasing some of the restaurant’s signature dishes. We’ve also included a newsletter signup as well as easy-to-follow contact details.

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