What is a vector file?

When you’re working digitally, there are two kinds of image file types: raster and vector. Both image types may be saved with several different file extensions. It’s important to understand when to use each image type and the best file extension for particular situations.

Vector files are images that are built by mathematical formulas that establish points on a grid. Raster files are composed of the coloured blocks commonly referred to as pixels. Because they can infinitely adjust in size without losing resolution, vector files are more versatile for certain types of tasks than raster files.

Raster formats

Jpg is the most common file for photos. Jpg files can be optimized to lower the file weight (Kb). Some websites require highly optimized images to run faster. Optimizing can be done through photoshop. The more you optimize your JPG file the more the quality decreases. This can often result in grainy kind of pictures.

PNG files are like JPG files although they cannot be optimized like the JPG file which makes them much larger in size. The particularity of PNG files is that they can have transparent backgrounds. PNG files are very useful if you want to place your image over a textured or coloured background.

GIF files are the simplest version of a raster file that you can find. They are especially used these days in looped animations that can be created with photoshop. GIFs are great file formats for icons and very simple graphic elements but are not to be used for pictures.

Vector formats

The EPS file is most commonly used for vector elements such are icons. The advantage of the EPS file is that it is usually compatible with recent and old versions of illustrator. It is a highly compatible format.

Ai files are files that are made to be used by Adobe Illustrator (software). These files are commonly used by graphic designers, logo designers, illustrators, printers… Ai files only fonction with illustrator, so you may not need them if you are not using that program.

SVG files are vector file formats for the web. If you want to create an animation on your site where your logo is enlarged for example, you have to use this format in order for it to remain high quality and sharp. SVG files are great for logos, icons, buttons…

In conclusion, whether you design your logo with a logo maker, a design agency or through a logo design contest, make sure that you have the right files and the right resolution. Vector files are indispensible and will be asked of you by graphic designers, printers, etc… High resolution files for printing are important as well as low resolution files for the web. Logogenie delivers premium all in one logo package with all the files mentioned above, you won’t have to run around or pay extra to obtain these files.

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