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WEB HOSTING is a crucial part of having a website on the internet. WEB HOSTING is the service where we store your website’s files so that they can be access by a web browser. This can include your associated emails. A DOMAIN, however, is the name where your website can be found e.g.

Every site needs web hosting. Put simply web hosting is where the files, information and content that create your website live. These files are stored on a remote computer which is known as a host – hence the term web hosting. With so many choices it’s easy to simply opt for the cheapest option, however, web hosting should be seen as an investment in your business. Think of your host as the foundation of your site. You wouldn’t build a home on a shaky foundation, and neither should you build a website with a low-quality host behind you.

High quality website hosting

You need powerful web hosting. A variety of premium features optimized for the best performance will make your websites really fast.

Feature-rich web hosting

Everything you need to start, host and manage your website. Fast and reliable shared web hosting with tons of features to help you succeed online.

Optimized for WordPress performance

The speed of your WordPress website is one of the most important SEO ranking factors. Get the best results with LiteSpeed powered caching and custom-built advanced optimization.

Smart pick for your website hosting

Speed and reliability – these are the two most important things you want to evaluate when choosing website hosting. At Hostinger, we offer all of this and more, while keeping the prices affordable.

Free domain & free SSL - already included

Improve your website security and SEO rankings by getting SSL security certificate. We are including free domain and free SSL certificate with Premium or Business Web Hosting plans.

User-friendly control panel

Do you have little experience in website development? Not a problem. With Hostinger easy-to-use control panel you will be able to launch your website within minutes.

24/7/365 Professional Support

Are you afraid of running into trouble? You shouldn’t be. Our professional and hands-on support team is ready to help 24/7/365.

30 day money-back guarantee

If you are not happy with our services for whatever reason, we’ll refund your payment. No hassle, no risk.

10 Tips To Find The Ideal Domain Name With Domain Checker

  1. Look for a domain name that is memorable and catchy. If the visitors remember it, there is a chance they’ll come back!
  2. Preferably, your domain name should be relevant to the audience that you are targeting.
  3. Avoid using numbers, hyphens, and non-unicode characters in the domain name.
  4. Purchasing various extensions and misspelled versions of your domain can help protect your brand. It will also ensure that customers find your website even if they mistype it.
  5. Including target keywords in the domain name can slightly improve SEO and search engine ranking.
  6. Be sure to research if your chosen domain name is not trademarked or copyrighted by another company.
  7. If your business operates in a specific country or area, go for a country-specific domain extension.
  8. Don’t wait too long! If you find an awesome option in the domain checker, don’t hesitate to register it before someone else takes it.
  9. Try to think of a future-proof domain name. If you go for something overhyped now, you might notice a dip once that hype goes down.
  10. Check if the domain name does not hold a negative meaning in other languages. You don’t want visitors to be offended before they even open your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

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