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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the term we use when we promote products or services using electronic means. For every traditional marketing channel, there are multiple digital equivalents. KEMOSO helps businesses to leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with their current and prospective customers.

We help you to build your website and promote your products and services using digital channels.

Responsive Website Design | KEMOSO

Responsive Web Design

There are a variety of benefits to you if your users are able to browse your website easily from any device.

eCommerce Development | KEMOSO


Serve your customers 24/7 and understand their consumer behaviour better with an eCommerce platform.

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These days consumers can buy almost anything at the tap of a finger, 24/7, and have their products delivered to their home. Because of convenience and other factors like social distancing, it is becoming more and more important that businesses start selling their products/services online. An eCommerce platform can also help your business reduce operational costs. The power of customer analytics can help you refine everything from the products you offer to the way you market those products.

Search Engine Optimization | KEMOSO

Search Engine Optimization

People are searching for your business, and you need to make sure they find you online.

Email Marketing | KEMOSO

Email Marketing

Easily notify your customers of store updates, special events, new products, etc effectively and cost-efficiently.

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Email marketing is important for building relationships with prospects, leads, current customers, and even past customers because it gives you a chance to speak directly to them, in their inbox, at a time that is convenient for them. It’s one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies with one of the highest ROIsEmail is shown to be 40x more effective at acquiring new customers than either Facebook or Twitter.

Video Marketing | KEMOSO

Content Marketing

Build trust with your audience, improve conversions, connect with your customers, and generate leads.

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Consistency is a cornerstone of customer satisfaction. Content consistency establishes your credibility, builds your trust, and strengthens your reputation – Content Marketing helps you achieve this consistency. Build brand awareness, educate your audience, generate leads, and strengthen your bond with your customer by producing great content. We can help you create a great content strategy to help you reach your goals.

Social Media Marketing | KEMOSO

Social Media

Social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase your brand awareness, and boost your leads & sales.

Pay Per Click | KEMOSO

Pay Per Click

Display a targeted ad and instead of paying for just showing the ad, only pay each time the ad is clicked.

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Pay per click advertising, whether this is through Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads or even Twitter promoted tweets, is a cost-effective way to reach your potential customers fast and promote your products or services. The general idea about PPC is that it allows you to reach targeted audience fast by specifying who will see your ads (either by entering specific keywords or demographic characteristics) and you only pay when someone performs an action on your ad.

Website Hosting | KEMOSO

Web Hosting

Website hosting makes it possible for your website to be accessed by everyone on the internet.

Website Maintenance | KEMOSO

Web Maintenance

When your website runs optimally and is regularly updated, your clients will be happier.

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